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Presentation Letter

Sede NOVA DIDACTA was established in 2003 as a provider of solutions in products and services for Industries, Defense, Military Institutes of Engineering and Educational Market.

Mission and Values

NOVA DIDACTA has a mission to design and provide the best solution in Trainer Systems and Professional Knowledge improvement, adding value in our business and for our customer as well.

Among the values that guide the company’s mission, the most outstanding commitment is:

Leadership: Get the leadership in our business, through creative and entrepreneur attitudes looking for results and strategic partnerships.

Focus in the customer: Responsibility, ethics, understanding and satisfying the customer needs and terms.

Developing new talents: NOVA DIDACTA tries to create conditions that could provide the self-development and creatively of its employees.

Technology: Design innovatory solutions that comply our customer’s expectancy, applying modern concepts and tools in our methods and process.

Society: Respect the environment and the humanity are the guide of our acts.





Business solutions division:

  • Test and Measurement Instruments
  • Rapid prototyping systems
  • Training systems
  • Defense solutions

Our Consultant services include:

  • Engineering Systems,
  • Solution development,
  • Project management,
  • Training.

FIEE feira internacional da automação, elétrica e eletrônica.

Engineering Systems: The engagement process begins with researching the issues influencing our client's interests. We include individuals from our team with specialized backgrounds in Electronic, Mechanics, Information Technology and business process reengineering.

Solution Development: We collaborate with the client to define clear objectives and an effective, executable strategy, while considering the implications of each objective's steps.

We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of alternatives, quantifying their potential consequences and evaluating short and long-term impacts.


Project management: Whether developing a government relations program or implementing a business development strategy, Nova Didacta works to ensure that objectives are achieved in a high quality, timely and cost-effective manner.

Training: Design training programs to help customer improve its knowledge and skills. Our

Services include; Training needs analysis, Training design, Olimpíada do conhecimento SENAITraining implementation plans, Training delivery, Training system specification, development manufacture and support, Training audit and validation.

Welcome International Partners.

NOVA DIDACTA is always looking for long term partnership to provide best solutions for our customers.

We are committed for a successful relationship between NOVA DIDACTA and its partners.

We are looking forward to hearing from you,Yours sincerely.


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    +52 55 5360 0945
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